Tower of the Avengers / Башня мстителей


Building description

Tower of the Avengers from the film "The Avengers"

Parameters of buildings

H / L / W : 163m / 38m / 75m
Size: 464550 m³
Volume of materials: 48504 m³
Category: Tower
Tags: tower
Date add: 2018.03.04 20:20
User add: Anton
File size: 18.45 Kb
Views: 4776
Downloads: 335
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/mcbuild 1131

Blocks to build scheme

Неизвестный блок ID:251:0 ID:251:0 × 40871
Stone Slab ID:44:0 × 6402
Glass ID:20:0 × 3637
White Stained Glass ID:95:0 × 170
Glass Pane ID:102:0 × 58
Glowstone ID:89:0 × 8
Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) ID:148:0 × 8
Gold Block ID:41:0 × 6
Iron Door Block ID:71:0 × 4


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