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Спаун от gamerhdnnif21

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Dark Portal Fantym Style

My Version of the World of Warcrafts Dark Portal, it goes from bedrock to sky cap, its massive in size youll see once you watch the video and see pics and or even download for I have recently added a download due to it be popular and getting Private messages out the wazoo. You will have trouble fitting it but hell it still looks great from a mile away if u have render distance turned up. I only ask that u give credit if used in a video or in a world, for I have spent a lot of time building it, other than that have fun and enjoy, and leave suggestions on what I should try and make next in the comments below.

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How to start a game? That's right! With spawn! By this have to do spawn nice and comfortable, what would your new players have the desire to continue their journey on the edges of your server. In order to talk about your server as much as possible, do spawn with one out and on the way to the exit arrange Inscription. Spawn can be in a castle or town, take care about the player, that he would easily gone beyond spawn and began his journey on their own. Most are doing on the farm Spawn, for that would newcomers could replenish food. Here you will find various options spawn from small to large, from simple to beautiful. For all buildings have a plan and scheme.