Redstone scheme

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Screenshot for Калькулятор


8-битный калькулятор

2 3310 598 Electric scheme
Screenshot for механический клуб

механический клуб

лучший механический клуб

1553 222 Electric scheme
Screenshot for крутой Круиз

крутой Круиз

Механический робот самый крутой робот с интерьером и лифтом

2 1 635 150 Electric scheme
Screenshot for проход в земле

проход в земле

блоки можно заменить на другие

1 2350 711 Electric scheme
Screenshot for ворота



1 2394 494 Electric scheme
Screenshot for Крестики нолики

Крестики нолики

Крестики нолики

1 1811 474 Electric scheme
Screenshot for Лифт


Скоростной лифт

4 5492 1359 Electric scheme
Screenshot for Chicken Cooker by RabidSmore

Chicken Cooker by RabidSmore

Compact automatic chicken cooker that collects cooked chicken or eggs automatically. All you have to do is put enough chickens up top and walk away and the system will collect the drops for you. Some chicken cookers were having issues in 1.8 losing drops, but this design is lossless as the lava does not stay around long enough to destroy items.

2 2151 361 Electric scheme
Screenshot for Лифт


Не проверял, лифт по картинке красивый

2 5489 1455 Electric scheme
This section will be of interest to all, it's the same page with the Redstone electrical circuits! With the help of electrical circuits can be automated farm, make a railway or subway, make traps for griefers and even a computer! Application electrical circuits can be listed indefinitely. They are used everywhere. Automatic gates using pistons, sorters objects using funnels, launching fireworks with dispensors, lighting via light sensor, tension sensors for intruders, and more. Here you will find almost all the redstone circuits with the plan of construction.