Plugin for buildings scheme

Our plugin for schemes - allows you to build a single command at server any scheme that we have in the database. Plugin is work on Minecraft servers that use Bukkit or Spigot.

Plugin MCBuild

How to install and use plugin?

  • Our plugin is required plugin WorldEdit, who do not have, Get here
  • Download plugin MCBuild by (author Валентин Носиков)
  • Copy plugin to directory /plugins/
  • If you want to load large buildings, you will need an additional plugin AsyncWorldEdit, which optimizes WorldEdit, as well as sub plugin BlocksHub, in more detail, you can read here
  • Restart minecraft server
  • Writing to game console /mcbuild ID , where ID - number scheme on site, you can see it on every page of scheme, and there will be a written command to be executed in console
  • Few seconds and your building is ready, moreover in folder /plugins/WorldEdit/schematics/ will be saved with name of scheme ID.scheme
For developing plugin - many thanks Валентину Носикову
Download MCBuild Plugin MCBuild command Plugin MCBuild progress download Plugin MCBuild build