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Parameters of buildings

H / L / W : 41m / 27m / 24m
Size: 26568 m³
Volume of materials: 2397 m³
Category: Other
Tags: dragon
Date add: 2016.03.26 20:19
User add: harandwell
File size: 6.96 Kb
Views: 6049
Downloads: 1445
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Blocks to build scheme

Nether Brick ID:112:0 × 1115
Stone Bricks ID:98:0 × 505
Soul Sand ID:88:0 × 306
Nether Brick Stairs ID:114:0 × 134
Cobblestone ID:4:0 × 104
Quartz Stairs ID:156:0 × 100
Ladder ID:65:0 × 35
Quartz Block ID:155:0 × 29
Quartz Slab ID:44:7 × 25
Chiseled Stone Bricks ID:98:3 × 25
Blue Carpet ID:171:11 × 5
Redstone Lamp (inactive) ID:123:0 × 2
Torch ID:50:0 × 2
Block of Coal ID:173:0 × 1
Redstone Block ID:152:0 × 1
Nether Brick Slab ID:44:6 × 1
Jukebox ID:84:0 × 1
Stone ID:1:0 × 1
Enchantment Table ID:116:0 × 1
Bed ID:26:0 × 1
Flower Pot ID:140:0 × 1
Mob Head ID:144:0 × 1


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