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Screenshot for Торговый центр

Торговый центр


3 6428 1195 Market
Screenshot for Магазин


Красивый магозин в средни вековом стиле

4 1 4703 1290 Market
Screenshot for Большой магазин

Большой магазин

Огромный магазин

7 2 5358 817 Market
Screenshot for Торговая лавка

Торговая лавка

Маленькая, но полезная постройка.

11 5 7393 1226 Market
Screenshot for Макдональдс


Схема знаменитого ресторана Макдональдс.

8 4 6073 1446 Market
Screenshot for Маленький магазин

Маленький магазин

Небольшой уютный магазин, больше всего подойтет для постройки, если вы фермер, и собираетесь продавать свои продукты возле дома.

8 1 7075 1933 Market
The most visited place after the spawn is market. There and you can buy food and resources to stock up. The main task of the store - to sell the goods, and for that would sell more goods market should be beautiful and comfortable. Primarily convenient! Over chests should be depicted product and price. Items must be sorted by type. Bricks separately, apples separately. Best selling items should be located on the ground floor, what would a player does not waste time searching, lifting the second, third floor ... etc Well, what would your shop found, it should look nice. We offer convenient schemes and plans, large, small and beautiful shops with the plans of construction.