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Screenshot for Лесной домик

Лесной домик

Небольшой интересный дом

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Screenshot for Модерн дом

Модерн дом

дом минимализм

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Screenshot for Medieval Mondays #1: Large House

Medieval Mondays #1: Large House

Hey guys, I'm back with another small medieval build - the first one in a hopefully long and successful series: Medieval Mondays. This doesn't mean that every Monday there's gonna be a new medieval build, but that every Monday if you refresh your page it is possible that you might find a new one. So that's that, it's not a regular or weekly series. I originally wanted to create my own medieval building pack / bundle, however I quit and picked up the project several times, so I figured it'd probably be the best solution to just, as soon as I'd built another house, upload it here. Otherwise I presumably wouldn't have finished the project and all the work would've been in vain.

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Screenshot for Старый Дом

Старый Дом

Просто Дом

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Screenshot for Дом на горе.

Дом на горе.

Обычный дом, стоящий на горе.

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Screenshot for Дом


Красивый дом

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Screenshot for Дом лесоруба

Дом лесоруба

Средний домик )))

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Screenshot for Дом фермера

Дом фермера

Уютный домик )))

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Screenshot for Modern Dom

Modern Dom

3дома красивые оформлены интерером !!!

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Screenshot for Дворец


Красивый все отделано сам строил !!!

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When you connect to the new server, you first need to be protected. What you do? That's right! Build asylum. Then you build house. When the house becomes closer you build cottage. Well, when you have everything you build palace, for a loved one, do not live in the same earthen house all the time. Here you will find beautiful modern home not only for beginners, but for them, we have also schemes, such as homes for beginners are very simple in construction and functional. For the average level we find houses, with swimming pool and garden. And for the pros, we are pleased to offer the scheme beautiful palaces, with lots of rooms and passages.