Questions and Answers - is the base buildings and schemes in format shematics, which is used by all popular editors maps, including worldedit. Our service reads the data from the schema file and builds a convenient plan for the construction, as well as a list of resources. If you are the server administrator or you have the right to command worldedit, you can download the schema on the server and build it as a team, as I will discuss below.

How to make scheme in Minecraft?

The easiest way to use WorldEdit - is a plugin for the server platform Minecraft Bukkit or Spigot

  • Once you have built your building, you need to select the area of construction with a wooden ax, the left mouse button is released the first point, right - second point, or you can use command //pos1 and //pos1
  • After isolation of the area, you can remove unnecessary blocks. An important tip: just highlight the area you use your building.
  • After "clean" copy to clipboard construction using commands //copy
  • Then save file in scheme by command //scheme save scheme_name
  • After that you have in your /plugins/WorldEdit/schematics/ will file scheme_name.schematics, that's it, you copy and upload to us.

How to upload scheme on site?

To upload scheme to the website, please log in and go to page adding scheme

After you fill out all the required fields and click "Add" button, scheme is loaded on our server and waits for processing.

What is the processing scheme and how it works?

On our site is fully automated processing scheme, it goes through several stages:

  1. Determination similar scheme if your scheme is already in our database, after adding you simply redirected it.
  2. Checking the schema file to the appropriate format NBT - a format that stores schemes for minecraft.
  3. If all is well, the parser starts processing scheme:
    • Counting the number of blocks needed for construction.
    • Counting items in chests, dispensors, minecarts, hoppers etc
    • Centering schema file (for later render the map).
    • Generating a plan for the construction.
    • Writing data into the database.
  4. After processing scheme begins render buildings on the map.
  5. After successfully creating maps, screenshots are from four different angles.
  6. If all items are completed successfully, your scheme is activated and added to the general list.
  7. When the scheme is active, you can add screenshots to the scheme.