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Screenshot for Остров эльфов_1

Остров эльфов_1

Эльфийский остров, для переноса на сервер smartycraft

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Screenshot for Автостанция


Автостанция от Bombplays(a) v1.0 не доделанная изнутри. Материалы: кварц, стекло, редстоунблок, лампа Ждите доделанную версию

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Screenshot for Arabic shopping mall

Arabic shopping mall

Arabic shopping mall

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Screenshot for PMC city

PMC city

Кусочек поселения который был телепортирован на марс из-за войны на земле в пустыне Tung. Download maps , если не сложно поставьте - Like

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-=By ღ λŌ₭ŌЌЭŦ ღ=- Vk Steam

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Screenshot for Пожарная станция

Пожарная станция

автор не я

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Screenshot for Станция автобусов

Станция автобусов

Красивая станция для автобусов. Которую вы можете построить у себя в городе

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Screenshot for Мория


Подземный город

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Screenshot for Airport


Небольшая постройка аэропорта

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In excess of architectural art is considered build the city, and not just village with one or two storey houses and a real huge city with high buildings, centers, roads and other things. Of course, you can configure a lot of boxes, but to construct each building is unique skills. But before it is necessary to build a city train to build village. The village is no less complicated than building castles. After all, the village is almost the same castle, with less secure fence and a large number of houses. In the villages, it is already possible to do and garden and build a mill and farm pets. Looking for how to build a city or village? Then you've come to the address. Here you will find examples of simple, complex and simply beautiful cities.