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Дворец - с садом красиво оформлен !!!

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Desert Temple


89 14 Castle
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просто замок из кварца,незер бриков, и других блоков

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Desert Temple

Обычный пустынный храм

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Смертый приговор

Только для мазохистов...

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Screenshot for Небольшое клановое убежище

Небольшое клановое убежище

Для небольшого клана

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Недостроеное клановое убежище

Небольшая постройка для клана

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Дворец XVIII век

Дворец 18 века в хорошем состоянии

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Victorian castle

Викторианский замок

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Those who have played enough to survive and built his first house, sooner or later begin to build your castle or fortress. The castle is a small town, which is surrounded by a high fence around the perimeter which makes moat filled with water or lava, hostile mobs that would not have been able to climb up to your territory. The road leads through the castle gates and towers (towers) with which it is possible to consider advancing enemies or allies. Inside the castle is to be a palace, where you can spend the night, to keep things and objects, and of course the anvil, where you can repair the armor. Farms in the castles would not normally do, because castle is first and foremost a defensive fortress for battle. Here you can find beautiful castles, simple in construction.