The best schemes and buildings

List of the best buildings, sorted by likes

Screenshot for Средневековая кузница

Средневековая кузница

Простая и красивая средневековая кузница.

10 1 9980 1838 House
Screenshot for Заброшенный  средневековый дом

Заброшенный средневековый дом

средневековый дом

10 9765 1716 House
Screenshot for Small Steampunk House

Small Steampunk House

Small Steampunk House

10 2 8661 1863 House
Screenshot for Modern house

Modern house

Дизайн от Jar9, без мебели

10 2 6794 1512 House
Screenshot for Reichstag



10 1 11223 2806 Castle
Screenshot for Дом для меня.

Дом для меня.

Обычный дом с сейва мира.

10 4 11476 2731 House
Screenshot for Modern House

Modern House

Modern House

10 15 36823 12756 House
Screenshot for Современный небоскреб

Современный небоскреб

Современый небоскреб из двух зданий, одно здание наклонено ко второму. Неплохие апартаменты для проживания!

9 9588 1782 House
Most best buildings and circuits are assembled on this page. We show this list based on the set likes, the more of - the better! Here you will find the best sports arenas, beautiful castles, churches, cities, automatic farm, interesting redstone circuits, art and monuments and of course is full of other buildings and schemes for minecraft, including railway.