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Screenshot for Памятник Разработчика Mojang Маркус Персон (Notch)

Памятник Разработчика Mojang Маркус Персон (Notch)

Маркус Персон шведский создатель Mojang нотч и джеб

154 29 Art
Screenshot for Титаник


корабль из фильма Титаник

1 262 65 Ship
Screenshot for крутой Круиз

крутой Круиз

Механический робот самый крутой робот с интерьером и лифтом

2 1 159 29 Electric scheme
Screenshot for Дом в стиле модерн

Дом в стиле модерн

Незаконченный дом

1 399 77 House
Screenshot for Home-TEST


Незаконченый дом(перепланировка)

4 950 243 House
Screenshot for Mediavle House

Mediavle House

крутой дом

1 1120 302 House
Screenshot for песчаный дом

песчаный дом

песчаный дом

1 522 108 House
Screenshot for проход в земле

проход в земле

блоки можно заменить на другие

433 73 Electric scheme
Screenshot for NVIDIA GEFORCE 1080


Видеокарта NVIDIA GEFORCE 1080. ВК :

1 361 53 Art
Our site is specially created for those who like Minecraft, which does not just build and live it. Our site has no analogues at the bottom, I'll tell you why:
  1. Our site is 95% automated to work with schemes
  2. We are processing each loading scheme, for this we have a special parser that reads NBT format - in this format are stored scheme, chunks, regions, this format uses Minecraft.
  3. When processing scheme we parser:
    • We believe the amount of materials needed for buildings or building scheme
    • We believe the items in chests, furnaces, dispensors, hoppers, minecarts etc.
    • We consider the height, width and length buildings centering it, then that would you feel comfortable working with her.
    • Generate buildings plan for each scheme, starting with the first level (ground floor) to the last
    • Remove scheme that do not correspond to the NBT format
  4. After processing, the parser we automatically generate a map for easy viewing on the basis of minecraft overviewer, for schemes (schematic)
  5. Automatically generate screenshots with 4 different sides buildings
  6. If all of the above was a success, we will activate your scheme buildings in its database
  7. The remaining 5% - is to add screenshots hand, well, like you've done a nice screenshot buildings with filters, and want that he was an icon, or simply been on the schematic page. Well, comments reviews, is also included in the 5%
  8. You can construct a scheme at the server with a single command /mcbuild ID, using our plugin , for his work requires a plugin WorldEdit
Here you will find the best buildings and schemes, the most downloaded, most commented and most viewed. We moderating each building and constantly improving the site, filling it new schemes and functional. Come by often! You creative ideas, strength and patience to build conceived!